Permanent Exhibit Galleries

At 22,000 square feet, the Missouri Civil War Museum is filled with over one thousand artifacts and several films throughout. Each gallery and exhibit tells a different story of Missouri in the American Civil War, from guerrillas and jayhawkers to life on the home front. The Museum also contains several galleries on the post-war era and the history of our home here at Jefferson Barracks.

  • Pre-War Gallery
  • Colonel John Emerson Main Gallery
  • Hollywood and the Civil War Exhibit
  • Jefferson Barracks Through the Years Exhibit
  • Theater
  • Civil War on the Western Border Exhibit
  • The Medal of Honor Exhibit
  • Grand Army of the Republic & United Confederate Veterans Gallery

In addition to the hundreds of artifacts on display, the Museum features several feature films for guests to watch. In partnership with Kansas City-based Wide Awake Films, the theater shows a 25-minute film on the war in Missouri, specifically the war on the Western Border and in Eastern Missouri.

Interested in Donating an Artifact?

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