Donate an Item to Our Collection

Needed Collection Items

One of the best ways to support the Missouri Civil War Museum and ensure the conservation and preservation of an artifact is to donate it to our collections. We have over 500 artifacts on display and over 2,000 in the collection. These artifacts are essential to telling the story of the American Civil War and Jefferson Barracks Military Post, as well as bringing history to life.

Authentic Civil War Era Artifacts

  • Clothing
  • Photographs
  • Uniforms
  • Weapons
  • Equipment
  • GAR & UCV Veterans Medals
  • Reunion Medallions & Ribbons

Reproduction & Non-Authentic Civil War Era Items

  • New & Used Living History Gear
    • Clothing
    • Uniforms
    • Weapons
    • Accoutrements

Photographs & Records of Civil War Era Missourians

Includes: soldiers, sailors, and prominent civilians

The Missouri Civil War Museum maintains a large research database of Missouri Civil War veterans. This database contains photographs, letters, pension records, military records, and other items and documents that pertain to each of these soldiers. To help expand this ever growing record system, we are looking for original or copies of photographs of Missouri soldiers and prominent Missouri civilians of the Civil War. Some of these photos will also be utilized in the many exhibit displays at the museum.

Jefferson Barracks-Related Artifacts

From 1826 until present day

The Missouri Civil War Museum has several museum galleries dedicated to the history of Jefferson Barracks. We are interested in obtaining artifacts and items that relate to the Jefferson Barracks site regardless of their era. From the Mexican War to the present-day soldiers who are stationed at Jefferson Barracks, we are looking for old uniforms, equipment, and other memorabilia to add to our Jefferson Barracks history galleries.