“You don’t hate history, you just hate the way it was taught to you in school.”

Many of us can relate to the point that Mr. Ambrose makes in his popular quote about the way history use to be taught and at times still is. We at the Missouri Civil War Museum will strive to bring the history of the American Civil War alive for all of our visitors. Each and every aspect of our exhibit galleries and displays will strive to engage the viewer and teach history in the most exciting and effective way possible.

Our educational facility will indeed be different than many other established sites and museums. We will not be satisfied in just merely displaying artifacts, information and pictures for people to gaze upon. Our exhibits will strive to bring the most out of the specific topic and theme of each and every individual exhibit. Our goal is to engage the viewer in a manner that brings to the forefront the complete and amazing story of our state’s involvement in America’s most defining moment in history.

Eventually, this webpage on education will be designed around the needs of students and elementary and secondary school educators. The various educational topics and links will vastly expand over time and eventually there will be additional information posted on it regarding classroom instruction along with field trip information and visitation activities about our facility and other sites of interest within the Jefferson Barracks Historic District.