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We invite you to visit the Missouri Civil War Museum to learn about Missouri’s role in the war. Our items and exhibits help us to interpret the story of the American Civil War and honor the historical figures of the era. Missouri’s unique role as a border state led to immense fighting. Over a thousand battles were fought here and over 13,000 were casualties.

The Missouri Civil War Museum is 22,000 square feet, with two floors of exhibits and galleries discussing various topics regarding the state’s role in the war. We have five main exhibits in the museum:

  1. Pre-War Gallery
  2. Col. John Emerson Main Gallery
  3. Post-War Exhibits
  4. Theater
  5. Jefferson Barracks: Through the Years Gallery

Accompanied by over 800 original uniforms, weapons, photographs, equipment, and more, these exhibits bring history to life for our visitors and tell the story of Missouri in the Civil War.

Other Things to Do


Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (shown right)


Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

  • World War I/World War II Memorials
  • Historic Chapel
  • Numerous War Monuments
  • Largest Burial Ground of Civil War Soldiers in Missouri

Jefferson Barracks County Park

Sylvan Springs County Park

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