Civil War Studies Center

We are currently restoring the 1918 Post Exchange Building, located adjacent to our main museum building, and turning it into the Civil War Studies Center.

Help us bring history to life for students during their field trips to the museum, give researchers valuable information on the Civil War in Missouri, help provide the public with informational and entertaining programming, and save history!

The Civil War Studies Center will house:

  • Banquet and event hall.
  • Classrooms.
  • Library and manuscript collections.
  • Research center and reading room.

How you can help

You can help the Missouri Civil War Museum complete this new center in many ways, from donating books to giving financially.


Donating financially provides us the funds to complete the project and acquire the necessary equipment and resources we need to finish. All gifts help us tremendously!

26% of $500,000 Raised!


To enhance our Civil War library, we are looking for any books on the Civil War era that you are able to give us.

If you are interested in donating books to our collection, you can either call us at
(314) 845-1861 or just bring your donation to the museum.


We hope to complete a massive database of every Missouri soldier who served in the Civil War. If you have any documents relating to Missouri Civil War soldiers, either you can donate them to our collection or bring them by our museum so we many scan them for our database.

If you are unable to bring them to our museum facility, please email us copies of your document to our Director at

Building Progress

UPDATED: October 11, 2015

We have installed all of our exterior windows and plastering will begin on the main floor on October 13.