The Missouri Civil War Studies Center

The Studies Center is not open yet, but is undergoing extensive interior and exterior renovations. However, we are building our massive reference and research library collection. Look below for information on how to donate books, manuscripts, magazines, audio & video, and photographs.

Please check back soon for updated information and the predicted opening date. Thank you!


One very important element of the Missouri Civil War Museum will be its large and extensive reference library. The Missouri Civil War Studies Center is a planned 6,000 square foot library and research facility that will become one of the largest repositories of Civil War related books and related materials in all of Missouri. Although our facility is currently under renovation and construction, we are actively seeking and obtaining new and used Civil War related books for our collection.
We do not receive any government funding for the establishment of this facility as other institutions do. All of our support and funding at this time is entirely from our “grass roots campaign” and from supporters and contributors like you, who understand the importance of establishing educational facilities that are dedicated to preserving Civil War history and its unique heritage.


To make our library program a success, we are asking everyone to look through their book collection and consider donating any Civil War books that you may have and are no longer using. What a great way to put some unused Civil War books to use by donating them to our Civil War library so others may learn from them.
We are primarily looking for new or used “hardcover” textbooks that are in good condition and written on topics regarding the Civil War era. We are looking for books on the war itself, the issue of slavery, politics, biographies, etc. Please help us create the greatest Civil War research library in Missouri so future generations can learn, appreciate and preserve the legacy of our Civil War ancestors.

(*Note: Hardcover books are preferred over softcover due to their overall longevity in a library setting. We do also collect softcover books if the book has only been published in this form.)



The Missouri Civil War Museum is also collecting the following back issues and all future issues of the following popular Civil War related magazines.

If you have subscribed to any of these magazines and have already finished reading them, how about putting them to great use by donating them to our museum library collection?

We collect the following Magazines:
North & South / America’s Civil War / Blue & Gray / Civil War Times



The Missouri Civil War Museum is also collecting video & audio recordings of topics relating to the American Civil War. We are collecting VHS & DVD recordings of various television movies, documentaries and series about the Civil War. We are also currently collecting compact disks of Civil War music of all types. All of these items will be placed in the museum’s library collection for everyone to utilize, enjoy & learn from.



The primary mission of the Missouri Civil War Studies Center is to compile a vast collection of photographs and documents relating to the soldiers and people of Missouri during the American Civil War era. Each Missouri soldier will have a permanent file in our library database. Every document and photograph that relates to that particular soldier will be scanned and placed into the soldier’s file. In time, a student, researcher, and/or a relative of the soldier will be able to simply retrieve the soldier’s file from the computer and review every item we have ever collected on the individual. We have already started this mammoth undertaking and many images and documents are already being entered into the system. We are asking everyone nationwide who has a photograph or document relating to a Missouri soldier or prominent Missouri civilian of the Civil War era to contact us. We are looking for photographs, mustering papers, pension records, discharge papers, military records, letters, diaries, etc. for these files. There are literally millions of these items all throughout the country and we are building a one of a kind central repository for Missouri troops. Help perpetuate the memory of our Missouri Civil War ancestors by sending us copies of these important images and documents for future generations to learn from and admire. Don’t delay, help start a new file on your Missouri ancestor by sending us copies of their information, future generations will thank you!

For more information on these programs please contact:

John Maurath, Director of Library Services, by e-mail or by telephone at 314-845-1861.
For those wishing to mail any of the above requested items, please send to:

Missouri Civil War Museum

Attn: Museum Library Programs
PO Box 24
Wildwood, Missouri 63040