Our Mission

The Mission of the Missouri Civil War Museum, is to perpetuate the memory of the citizens and soldiers of the United States of America and Confederate States of America who endured the great hardships and sacrifices of our nation’s most turbulent and defining moment in history, the American Civil War.

The Civil War culminated through a long series of complicated issues and events, some of which plagued our nation since its birth. Many of the political issues debated and argued over the decades leading up to the war inadvertently caused a sectional division between States in the North and those located in the South.

The growing tensions and frustrations that had developed over the years between these States ultimately manifested itself into actual armed conflict with each other in 1861. The story of the American Civil War is a long and complicated subject. It is a topic that merits many years of study to fully understand.

The mission of the museum is not to debate nor to interpret the political ideologies of the causes of the war, but rather to pay homage to the historical figures of the era, without bias to either side.

It is our hope that this museum can somehow help ignite the interest and passion of others to learn more about this legendary story of our past.