General Information For Field Trips

  • Reservations are required in advance
  • Each student is $5 for Option A, $6 for Option B
  • For every 10 students, a teacher/chaperone is free
  • Museum is accessible for those with disabilities
  • $25.00 advance down payment required, full payment due before or day of tour


  • Available year round
  • Must have a minimum of 25 students
  • 5th grade and above is recommended
  • No dining facility, students may bring lunch

Field Trip Option A

  • For classes taking 1 pre-selected presentation without scheduled lunch break
  • Museum tour included
  • $5.00 per student

Field Trip Option B

  • For classes taking 2 pre-selected presentations with scheduled lunch break
  • Museum tour included
  • $6.00 per student

Educational Presentations

  1. Banners of Glory: History of Civil War Flags
  2. The Common Soldier: Johnny Reb & Billy Yank
  3. Bullets & Bandages: Civil War Medicine
  4. Uniforms, Weapons, & Equipment: Styles & Uses

To Schedule Call us at 314-845-1861

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